Animal Nutrition Services

Better People


Dan Hentrich


Animal Nutrition Manager
(608) 642-7334


Mark Brown


Animal Nutrition Consultant
(608) 330-1331


Sam Enloe


Animal Nutrition Consultant
(608) 778-8589


Casey Lobdell

Animal Nutrition Consultant
(608) 822-5360


Every day we focus on being sure the recommendations are right for your animals, the mix is correct and that each batch is mixed to the producer's specifications. Each producer has unique needs and a desire to get proper nutrition in an effective way. We know that when we do our job right, we are helping to make your animals healthy and productive. We also have an in-house grain merchandiser to help locate and price bulk commodities to be used in feed mixes.

Better Products

Reddy Ag provides customized livestock nutrition and animal health services to area producers. We utilize several branded products from Hubbard Feeds and other manufacturers. We also handle the majority of feed commodity products, including bean meal; distillers; corn gluten pellets; cottonseed; roasted beans; soyhulls, as well as other bulk products. Our mixes are custom blended to the individual herd for dairy, beef, swine, dairy goats, and herd replacements.

Better Equipment

At Reddy Ag and Ross Soil we specialize in individual farm solutions for small and large herds. We are able to deliver in hopper bottom or auger trucks to suit each producer's needs, as well as delivering bagged feed and other products right to the farm. The upgraded mixing and conveyor system increases our ability to get to the farm when the animals need to be fed.

Better Service for You

A few of the programs that we offer are:

  • computerized rations
  • home grown feeds
  • forage testing
  • individual animal or herd evalutations
  • animal comfort evaluations

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