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At Reddy Ag and Ross Soil, We Believe in Sustainable Agriculture!  Do you? 

The products and services we offer are ever changing just like the needs of our customers. Reddy Ag Service and Ross Soil Service offer a full line of plant nutrients (both soil and foliar applied), herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and adjuvants. We are always testing new products to find opportunities to improve customer yields and profits. As we work toward maximizing the genetic potential of the crops we grow, we now offer new and unique bio stimulants, antioxidants, seed treatments and nutrient enhancements from industry leading partners.


Pioneer® Seed

Pioneer Hi-Bred has been an important part of Reddy Ag Service & Ross Soil Service seed offerings. Pioneer is the recognized leader in corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and inoculants. Our bulk soybean bins provide customer flexibility and convenience in seed treating and handling. Pioneer’s commitment to innovation and technology is unsurpassed in our industry.


Federal Crop Insurance

Reddy Ag believes that managing the risks of crop production is a valuable tool for producers. Our licensed agents can provide federal crop and hail insurance for all crop policies available in Wisconsin. An effective grain marketing plan, coupled with insurance, can provide for profit-opportunity while minimizing risk. This comes from agents who may actually have spent time in your fields.  


Better Equipment Means Better Service for you - SERVICE IS KING!

Reddy Ag Service and Ross Soil Service have 13 field units for fertilizer and crop protection application, storage space for 4,200 tons of dry fertilizer and 18,000 gal bulk pesticides. After recent completion of our newest UAN tank, we now have capacity for over 7,000 tons of liquid fertilizer. This investment in facilities and equipment provide our clients with services needed on time!  
Reddy Ag Service & Ross Soil Service believe that each client deserves individual service. All services may be customized to meet individual demands. Precision agronomy services are not "one size fits all." We deal with nutrient management plans, variable rate seed and fertilizer applications, soil analysis for both regular and grid sampling, manure testing, tissue testing, cost projections, production analysis and financing assistance. Our goal is to provide service to keep you profitable.  



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